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Pendulum seven chakras


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Pendulum seven chakras Bkychy suitable for all months with amazing properties for cleansing the chakras of the body.

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First Chakra

First Chakra or Root Chakra

Chakra or Root Chakra support base of the spine, Mvladhara Base chakra - Muladhara - Root chakra prana, or vital energy is the entry point. This chakra is related to the red color range that marks the life, physical strength and power. The color is a good effect on anemia and poor diet and vibration amplifier and its treatment.
The area between the anus and genitalia, buttocks
Related glands: adrenal adrenaline produces
Color: Red Hot
Scents: cedar tree - the clove tree
Associate member: bones, teeth, nails, feet, intestines, rectum, prostate.
Shape: Lily Four Feathers
Impact: Security, survival, faith, relationships, money, home. The ability to build and to be present at the time and place. This chakra also reflects a person's relationship with the mother and the person feels about being on the ground in the relationship. Tensions in the body controlled by this chakra is linked in part to this chakra is shown.
The second chakra

Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra or the center of all

All -Svad Hystana sacral chakra or the Sacral chakra - Swadhisthana is located in the lower abdomen. The whole color of this chakra is orange. Orange sign energy. The communicative power of color, balance and self-control anger and disposal issues makes regular digestion and blood circulation.
Region: the backbone of 1 to 12 inches below the sacrum
Related glands: prostate, testicular
Aroma: sandalwood
Duty: sexual reproduction
Associate member: kidney, bladder, sperm, body fluids, members of proliferating
Shape: lotus six
Impact: This chakra to the sum of knowledge that is related to food and sex. This chakra is associated with the object, and that what is needed and what is pleasing to him. The ability to have children is also associated with this chakra. This chakra is also connected with feelings and desires of one's feelings.
Third Chakra

Third Chakra: Solar plexus chakra or nerve plexus chakra below the stomach.

Nerve plexus chakra solar plexus chakra or the stomach -German Pura Solar plexus chakra - Manipura / Nabhi with yellow and golden yellow color range is a sign of wisdom, intelligence and mentality. This chakra is located above the navel. Yellow positive effect on the liver, spleen, gall bladder and the nerves that power diabetes and constipation treatment for diseases and control obesity.
Area in the back and along the spine opposite the navel, the belly
Related glands, pancreas,
Color: Yellow - Gold
Perfume: Lavender
The task: the ontological structure
Associate member: abdomen, stomach, liver, spleen, gastrointestinal tract, bladder, autonomic nervous system
Shape: Lily ten fillings
Impact: part of the knowledge that is associated with this chakra include a sense of power, control and freedom is there. Mental activity and mind are connected to this chakra. Solar plexus chakra is also part of your personality or personal pronoun to which they are linked.
The fourth chakra

Fourth Chakra: Heart chakra or divine love

Hatha -Na heart chakra or Divine Love Heart chakra - Anahata at the jaw line and the top of the heart. This chakra is related to green color range.
Area in the back and between the shoulder blades and above the heart
Related gland: thymus
Color: green, pink
Duty: pure love
Associate member: heart, chest, skin, circulation, abdominal cavity
Shape: lotus twelve full
Effects: feeling of love and connection with people close to the heart for example: mother, father, sister, brother, wife and children. Difficulty breathing or heart chakra indicates tension in the lungs.
The fifth chakra

Fifth Chakra: throat chakra or throat

-Vyhvdha throat or throat chakra Throat chakra- Vishuddha - Vishuddhi which is located on the throat. This chakra is blue color range of the symbols of immortality, devotion and inspiration. The color on throat diseases and neurological disorders affecting.
Area: Bottom and back of the neck vertebrae, the hollow of the throat and larynx
Related glands: thyroid
Color: Light blue
Fragrance: Roses
The task of expression, as
Associate member: neck, throat, jaw, arms control and related nerves arm or neck.
Shape: sixteen full lily
Influences: represents the word out and get out.
The sixth chakra

Sixth Chakra: brow chakra or third eye

Brow chakra or third eye chakra -Jna Brow - Ajna - third eye - Bindu which is slightly higher than the forehead and between the eyes. This chakra is related to indigo blue color spectrum. The color makes the opening of the third eye - the outer and inner vision - he said. It is useful for relaxation and treatment of mental illnesses. Indigo raise awareness and to revive forgotten memories helpful.
Area: between the eyebrows, the width of a knuckle above the bridge of the nose and front of the head
Related glands: pituitary, pineal
Color: indigo, violet
Task: Knowledge of Being
Associate member: face, eyes, ears, nose
Shape: two full lotus 96 full
Impact: This chakra at the innermost part of human existence is ancient Westerners believe that the unconscious is called spirit and spirituality.
Seventh Chakra

Seventh Chakra: top of the head or crown chakra

Or crown chakra or Sahasrara top of the skull Crown chakra - Sahasrara which is located in the middle of the top of the head. This chakra is related to purple color range. This color is suitable for mental illness and regulates sleep.


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Pendulum seven chakras

Pendulum seven chakras

Pendulum seven chakras Bkychy suitable for all months with amazing properties for cleansing the chakras of the body.

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